International Adoption Legal and Helpful Services

      General Review of Documents 

Verification of accuracy and notification of needed revisions or additional documentation. All information regarding international adoption documentation may be obtained by visiting the Kazakhstan Consulate website or contacting the Consulate directly.



Translation of clients' adoption documentation into Russian by certified translator approved by the Kazakhstan Consulate in the United States.

 *For Clients not of United States citizenship who must file a dossier with the Kazakhstan Consulate in his/her country of citizenship: English-to-Russian translation with the statement of a translator that indicates a true and accurate translation. Such services may be performed in the United States and Kazakhstan.  Any translated documentation will be returned to clients to be filed with the appropriate Kazakhstan Consulate.


      Submission of Documentation and Correspondence

    Submission of clients' completed/registered adoption documentation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Departments of Education, Offices of Guardianship and Care, and courts of Kazakhstan in order to proceed Clients’ case through all necessary steps as are required by Kazakhstan adoption, civil and civil-procedure laws;

Maintaining correspondence with each Kazakhstan Office involved in the procedure of clients’ adoption case and periodically updating on the status of their case in a timely fashion



·         Providing Services on the Territory of Kazakhstan

  Providing clients with an escort and interpreter throughout all official adoption proceedings in Kazakhstan; meeting at the airport, arranging ground transportation within city/region, booking of air-tickets within the country, booking of hotel, apartment or other accommodation;

     Obtaining final adoption decrees, new birth certificates, and passports for the adoptive child/children in Kazakhstan;

   Assisting clients in obtaining country of citizenship visas for adopted child/children at the appropriate Embassy in Kazakhstan;

     Providing translations of child medical reports, final adoption decrees, and all other Kazakhstan documents as are required by clients’ immigration regulations


·          Advising of Changes in Kazakhstan Adoption Process

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