September 23, 2013


To date 37 international adoption agencies have been accredited in Kazakhstan.

Please find their names and countries of existence below.

US citizens are still banned from adoption in Kazakhstan and there is no any legal act that justifies it.

There is a direct contradiction to Kazakhstan Consitution because we see case of discrimination but US agencies are hesitant to bring a situation to a legal field.


US - 15 agencies.

«Adoption Options, inс», «Child Adoption Associates, Inc»,   «Ameriсa World Adoption Association», «Tree of Life Adoption Center»,  «Adopt A Child, Inc», «FRANK ADOPTION CENTER, NORTH CAROLINA»,  «Aсross The World Adoptions», «Little Miracles International, Inc», «Nightlight Christian Adoptions»; «Love Basket, Inс»; «Pearl S. Buck International», «Beacon House adoption services»; «All God’s Children International (AGCI)»; «Premier Adoption Agency, Inс»; «Children of All Nations»


Spain - 6 agencies

«Le Petit Prince d’Interаdop» ,  «La Asociacion para el Cuidado de la Infancia (ACI)»,  «Iniciativa Pro  Infacia, (I.P.I)», «INTERADOP-Galicia», «De la asociacion Familia Universal»,  «PIAO Entidad Cjlaboradora de Adoption Internacional»


Canada - 5 agencies.

«Alliance des familles du Quebec»,  «Adoption horizons, Inс», «Еnfants du monde»; «CARC – International adoption»;  «TDH pour les enfants Inc»


Italy - 4 agencies.

«Cuore Onlus», «C.I.F.A Onlus»; «Che I’Associazione Lo Scoiattolo ONLUS»; «Nuova Associazione Di  genitori Insieme per L’Adozione (NADIA ONLUS)»


Germany - 3 agencies.

«Центрум фюр адоптионен», «Zukunft fur Kinder e.V.», «Global Adoption Germany – Help for Kids e.V.»


France - 2 agencies.

«Enfance avenir»; «Agence Francaise de I’Adoption»


Sweden - 1 agency

«Family Association for Intercountri Adoption»


Belgium - 1 agency 




July 15, 2012


We gave published an update for French citizens. Please find it in the Section International Adoption/French program


June 18, 2012.


We have received inquiries on age difference between prospective adoptive parents and a child-candidate for adoption.

Please find a chart at the very bottom of this page to help better understanding

  May 29, 2012.


Today one of the US agencies we are working with has been accredited.


May 3, 2012

For citizens and officials of Hague countries where there are no private adoption agencies (France, Ireland, etc.)

On May 11 Kazakhstan adoption authorities will hold a meeting with representatives of Kazakhstan government institutions and diplomatic representatives of foreign embassies and consulates.

We guess it is a good chance for  consular officials to attend and ask for clarification on how its citizens will be able to adopt in this country.

MOE accepts requests by phone + 7 7172 742381


April 5, 2012.


Kazakhstan government finally adopted Foreign Adoption Agencies accreditation Rules. The Rules come into effect immediately after publication (publication date was April 5th, 2012). So foreign agencies may start accreditation application procedure.

Other critical government decrees such as one describing procedure of international adoptions in details, one describing procedure of foreign citizens registration have also been adopted.



February 28,2012.


Several government acts describing and regulating procedure of accreditation and furher international adoption procedure are at Prime Ministry desk waiting to be signed.

It can happen any day.

Once it is signed and published procedure of international adoption in Kazakhstan becomes active.

We will publish an update once we learn information for the government.


January 7, 2012


Today official text of New Family Law was published.

It means that in 10 days it will become active.



December 26,2011


Today President of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed new Family Law!

So in 2012 new law will become active.

We are waiting for the following Government acts that would detalize procedure of agencies accreditation and international adoption procedure.



December 3, 2011


We have received  inquires from prospective adoptive parents from many countries and majority of correspondents want to know when they finaly will be able to start an adoption procedure in Kazakhstan.

Our estimate - no sooner than in 2-3 months.

Critical point is that when new Family Law comes to power and necessary followed government acts are approved adoption procedure in Kazakhstan would be possible only through accredited foreign adoption agencies.

New Family Law states that such agency should be in business for at least 10 years in a country of an agency registration.

Accreditation procedure should be described in details in future government decree.

As we learnt some countries do not have private adoption agencies and adoption formalities are conducted through authorized government institutions.

So we would welcome such institutions or their representatives to contact us so we can work together on understanding how such institutions will be able to assist their citizens with Kazakhstan adoptions.


Age difference between prospective adoptive parents and children-candidates for adoption in KAZAKHSTAN.


Published by the Ministry of Education and Science.


(Article 92 of the new Family Law says that age difference between adoptive parents and adopted child must be no less than 16 years and no more than 45 years. But if a court finds that it necessary it can decrease age difference. (Please note – decrease only, no mentioning of increasing the age difference))


Propsective adoptive parents age

Age of a child who can be adopted





6 months and older




12 months and older




2 years and older




3 years and older

Example, 48 y.o. individual cannot adopt 2 year old child.

48-2=46 and 46 is more than upper level – 45 years.



4 years and older




5 years and older




6 years and older




7 years and older




8 years and older

Example, 53 y.o. citizens would no be able to adopt 4 y.o. child, because 53-4=49, and 49 is more than 45



9 years and older




10 years and older




11 years and older




12 years and older




13 years and older




14 years and older




15 years and older





In addition in order to finalize after-court procedures travelling families must have documents mentioned in the following CHECKLIST




All families traveling to Kazakhstan should have the following sets of additional documents and give them to a coordinator the first day they arrive to the city where they would finalize an adoption.

1. 5 notarized and apostiled copies of passport.

2. 3 notarized and apostiled copies of marriage certificate. (If person is single 3 notarized and apostiled copies of birth certificate).

3. 2 notarized and apostiled copies of INS (Immigration) approval.


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